donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Powerful pumpkin juice!

It is pumpkin season!
This is the first time I am trying raw pumpkin in a juice, and it is lovely!
The colour of the juice is beautiful and the flavour is sweet and sour with a hint of bitter. This may not sound very attractive, but the bitter taste of the grapefruit is very nice.

You can always use a lemon or an orange instead.

powerful pumpkin

This recipe makes about one litre of juice.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

4 large carrots
4 medium apples
200 grams pumpkin
1 grapefruit
1 cube of ginger root (2 cm)
1 cube of turmeric root (2 cm)

I pressed this juice with a slowjuicer.
I start chopping up all the ingredients. This is the fastest way to make a quick juice.
Chop the carrot in rough chunks and set aside.
Peel the grapefruit and chop in rough chunks, set aside also.
Remove the apple core and chop the apple in rough chunks, you can leave the skin on!

Chop the turmeric and ginger in small pieces, otherwise the slowjuicer will get stuck.

Now peel the pumpkin and remove the seeds. Chop in small cubes, the pumpkin can be really hard, so make sure the cubes are not to big for the slowjuicer.

Turn on the slowjuicer and press the juice with all the ingredients.
Put the juice in the fridge to cool and serve nice and cold.


X Emma

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