zondag 2 september 2018

Muesli bar.

Today I am sharing a recipe for a muesli bar.
Muesli bars are handy and tasty as a snack, but a lot of pre made muesli bars have sugar in them.

With this recipe I would like to show you that it is very easy to make home baked muesli bars, as healthy and natural as possible.
I made the bars with a lot of different ingredients. You can adjust this to your own tast, with all kinds of seeds, nuts or dried fruit.

The muesli bar is full of fibres and is true power bar. Perfect as a snack, but also really nice for breakfast on the go.

Muesli bar

Because the bar is only made with maple syrup, honey and coconut oil to bind, it is quit crumbly.
Make sure the bar is completely cooled, before cutting in to it.
Use a large and sharp knife to cut the bar.