donderdag 12 november 2015

Fruit and mint salad.

Dear followers,

This recipe is perfect for hot summer days, but I like to eat this salad anytime!

I made this salad a couple of times and I got so many positive messages. I started to experiment to make the recipe better. And you know what....The first recipe is still the best.

This salad is sweet, cold and fresh.
I use fresh strawberries and pomegranate. The blueberries are frozen, you can eat the salad when the berries are still a bit frozen, or you can let them defrost.
I eat the salad before that happens!

fruit and mint salad

Beetroot salad.

Hello dear readers,

This beetroot salad is soft in flavour and also really crunchy.
I love to eat this salad as a side dish with a BBQ, during a pick-nick or to go with pizza. This salad is also nice to have as a light lunch or diner.

To give the salad some extra flavour, I added fresh parsley and BroccoCress.
BroccoCress is broccoli sprouts. They are light and crunchy. I use them on salads, toast, soups and as garnish.

For the dressing I used mayonnaise, a little bit of yoghurt, lemonjuice, freshly ground black pepper and some salt.
I tried to keep the flavour of the beetroot and carrot as pure as possible.

I find this salad has a good balance in sweet, sour and earth-flavour.

beetroot salad

Smoked salmonsalad and vitamine D.

And we are back to grey and cold weather conditions. Autumns here!

Because its cold and wet, a lot of people are staying inside. Apparently millions of people in Holland, suffer of a vitamin D deficiency, without even knowing it.

 Complaints you can get, when you suffer from vitamin D deficiency are:
- long lasting lack of energy
- apathy
- muscle weakness

When you are suffering of a long term deficiency, you can get osteoporosis or dental-issues.
I was having these complaints, so I went to my doctor. After a blood-test the result was: a big deficiency.
salmon salad

zondag 18 oktober 2015

Apple walnut salad.

This salad is one of my favourites!
It is crunchy, fresh and creamy with a little sweet hint to it.

This is the perfect pick-nick salad, although the weather is not really nice at the moment.
The preparation of the recipe is quite fast. This salad is perfect if you like eating healthy and fresh, but you have not much time!

apple walnut salad

Happy wintersalad.

A crunchy and happy wintersalad.
The salad has a subtle sweet, sour and nutty flavour.

In wintertime I love to bring some bright colours to the table.
The salad is really nice with some crumbled goats cheese. Also nice to serve next to a beef stew.

happy winter salad

donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Chai and dates smoothie.

Hello dear readers,

Chaitea is one of my favourite drinks.
The first time I tasted it, was at a neighbour, 20 years ago! Back then it was not really known as a common drink.
When I lived in New Zealand I learnt a recipe for home-brewed chai.
It was a recipe for chai syrup, witch we mixed with hot steamed milk. So good!!!

Now a days you can buy chai in many coffee-houses. There are a lot of different kinds. You can get pre made chai powders, syrups and concentrated chaimix from a bottle.
My new addiction is an iced chai, with loads of crushed ice!

Chai is a mixture of; cloves, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, black tea and cardamom.
In the pre made mixtures there is almost always sugar, but this is not suppose to be in the original recipe.

For this recipe I left out the black pepper.
For sweetness I used dates, with give the smoothie a nice taste and texture.
The recipe is dairy free, instead of milk I used almond milk.
Chai dates smoothie.

Purple juice!

Today I made a juice with melon, blueberries and blackberries.
This juice started as an experiment, but ended up to be a delicious juice!
I love the colour, so bright!

I used frozen berries, but you can also use fresh ones.
You will need to defrost the berries, before use.
purple juice

No milk milkshake.

Hi guys,

A little quick recipe for today.
I was craving for a liquid breakfast, but dairy can be heavy on my stomach in the morning.
I used oats milk instead.
I used strawberries and cherries, but you can add any fruit you like!

Fresh green juice.

Hi Guys,

Since I am back from my holiday I felt like having something healthy.
I had a lot of food during my holiday, part was healthy, but I also ate some guilty pleasures!
I mean, holiday is not a codeword for non-healthy food, but I did not really hold back.

I kind of missed my slowjuicer during the holiday, so I was really happy to start juicing again!
I had a look in the pantry and fridge and there were loads of green ingredients, so I came up with this fresh green juice.
fresh green juice

Powerful pumpkin juice!

It is pumpkin season!
This is the first time I am trying raw pumpkin in a juice, and it is lovely!
The colour of the juice is beautiful and the flavour is sweet and sour with a hint of bitter. This may not sound very attractive, but the bitter taste of the grapefruit is very nice.

You can always use a lemon or an orange instead.

powerful pumpkin

dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Red juice.

A tasty, fresh and powerful juice I made with the slowjuicer.
My favorite juice colour? Dark red!

Red fruit and vegetables

Tropical juice.

This juice is not really seasonal, but I did use organic ingredients only!
This juice has a fresh tropical taste, with a nice balance of sweet, sour and a hint of mint.
I love the colour! And I drank the juice in no time!

Do not forget, despite the vitamine C, there is also a lot of sugar in the juice. I drink this kind of juices once every two weeks.
Tropical juice

Green energy.

So, this is a quick and short recipe. I combined some fruit that I still had, and created a lovely juice.
I used a tablespoon of wheat grass powder, for some extra fibre, vitamine C and iron.
Keep in mind that this powder gives a specific flavour to the juice, it tastes like grass!
You can always leave the wheat grass powder out.

green energy juice

donderdag 1 oktober 2015

Bananabreads with dates, seeds and cranberries.

This recipe is really tasty, easy to make and (kind of) healthy!
It is a lactose free recipe.

I eat these breads as, guess what, breakfast!
They are perfect for the road and when you are in a hurry.
These bananabreads will give you a energy boost that lasts for a couple of hours.


Spicy pumpkin soup.

Slowly it is getting colder outside and I have a massive cold. The perfect way to treat this cold is with a little bit of chili pepper!
I have made pumpkin soup with a Thai pepper. 

For soup I always use stock, today I used a stock cube. I only use organic stock cubes, because these only have natural flavoring.
I try to avoid all processed food, but a stock cube can be really handy if you want to make a quick soup. 

Pumpkin soup

Healthy chocolate shake!

This chocolate shake is super yummy and nutritious.
You can have this shake for breakfast, lunch or afternoon treat.

I used oat-bran for this shake.
Oat-bran is the bran of the oats. I use this because this is a good way to add some more fibers to the shake.
Oat-bran are good against high cholesterol and good against constipation.
The carbs in the oat-bran are hypoglycemic, this means you will be satisfied longer and you will get a well dosed portion of energy.

Healthy chocolate shake.

Super fast yoghurt, blueberry and granola breakfast!

This Breakfast is really fast, nutritious and super tasty!
I eat this at least once a week!

Super fast yoghurt, blueberry and granola breakfast!

vrijdag 25 september 2015

English blog!

Coming soon!

All my recipes in English.

For now there is my dutch blog:
Eten met Emma!

X Emma

donderdag 24 september 2015

Porridge for a good start!

Hello there,

I am really bad at eating breakfast.
I don't know why, but sometimes I skip my breakfast, without even noticing it.
This is not very healthy. Your body needs energy to start the day. They even say that your metabolism does not start up, until you have eaten your first meal.

Since I started blogging I am thinking about more breakfast recipes.
I would love to inspire and motivate you (and myself) to put some more time, effort and love in your breakfast!
So get up a little bit earlier, and take some time to enjoy the first meal of the day!

The recipe I am sharing today is a really quick porridge with seeds, cranberry's and bee pollen.

Bee Pollen:
I eat bee pollen occasionally. Why? Because they are suppose to be good for:

- your energy level
- your digestion
- your intestines and against constipation
- sometimes against hay fever, but be careful because it can also cause an allergic reaction.

There are so many superfoods right now, I do not always know what to believe.
You do not have to use bee pollen, you can also leave them out of this recipe and still enjoy the porridge.

Porridge with seeds, cranberry's and bee pollen