donderdag 1 oktober 2015

Bananabreads with dates, seeds and cranberries.

This recipe is really tasty, easy to make and (kind of) healthy!
It is a lactose free recipe.

I eat these breads as, guess what, breakfast!
They are perfect for the road and when you are in a hurry.
These bananabreads will give you a energy boost that lasts for a couple of hours.

This recipe will make 12 bananabreads or one big one.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Baking time: 30-60 minutes

3 large bananas
150 grams almond flour
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons baking powder
100 ml almond milk
70 grams dates (without stones)
50 grams sunflour seeds
50 grams pumpkin seeds
50 grams rolled oats
50 grams dried cranberries (sugarfree)
4 tablespoons broken flax seeds

Heat the oven at 180 C and grease the baking thin (for a large bread).
I do not grease the small muffins thin, I use baking paper. This will give the bananabreads a nice look as well.
Cut baking paper in to squares and push down in the muffin thin. The paper will stay in place, once you in the dough.


Cook some water and put the dates in to a large bowl. Add the cooked water and let the dates soak for 10 minutes. This way they will get softer.
drain off the water and put the dates aside.

I use a food processor, with a dough mixer, for this recipe.
Weigh all the dry ingredients and add in to the mixing bowl. This is including the seeds and cranberries. Do not add the baking powder, we will add this at the end!

Put the almond milk, dates and bananas in a different bowl and blend with a blender, until smooth.
You can leave some lumps in the mixture.

Add the eggs to the bananamixture and whisk.
Now you add the bananamixture to the dry ingredients and mix. sift the baking powder into the dough and make sure you mix really well.

Pour the dough in to the baking thin, or muffin thin.
Bake the bananabreads for 30 minutes at 180 C.
Bake the large bananbread for 45-60 minutes at 180 C.

Use a thin wooden stick, the one you use for skewers, to check if the breads are done.
When the stick comes out clean, your bread is done.

Leave them to cool for 5 minutes in the baking thin. Put on a tray for cooling down completely.

Tip: If the bread is getting really dark on top, cover with some foil to make sure it does not burn.

Tip: Add some cinnamon or ginger for extra spicy bread.

X Emma

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