donderdag 12 november 2015

Fruit and mint salad.

Dear followers,

This recipe is perfect for hot summer days, but I like to eat this salad anytime!

I made this salad a couple of times and I got so many positive messages. I started to experiment to make the recipe better. And you know what....The first recipe is still the best.

This salad is sweet, cold and fresh.
I use fresh strawberries and pomegranate. The blueberries are frozen, you can eat the salad when the berries are still a bit frozen, or you can let them defrost.
I eat the salad before that happens!

fruit and mint salad

Beetroot salad.

Hello dear readers,

This beetroot salad is soft in flavour and also really crunchy.
I love to eat this salad as a side dish with a BBQ, during a pick-nick or to go with pizza. This salad is also nice to have as a light lunch or diner.

To give the salad some extra flavour, I added fresh parsley and BroccoCress.
BroccoCress is broccoli sprouts. They are light and crunchy. I use them on salads, toast, soups and as garnish.

For the dressing I used mayonnaise, a little bit of yoghurt, lemonjuice, freshly ground black pepper and some salt.
I tried to keep the flavour of the beetroot and carrot as pure as possible.

I find this salad has a good balance in sweet, sour and earth-flavour.

beetroot salad

Smoked salmonsalad and vitamine D.

And we are back to grey and cold weather conditions. Autumns here!

Because its cold and wet, a lot of people are staying inside. Apparently millions of people in Holland, suffer of a vitamin D deficiency, without even knowing it.

 Complaints you can get, when you suffer from vitamin D deficiency are:
- long lasting lack of energy
- apathy
- muscle weakness

When you are suffering of a long term deficiency, you can get osteoporosis or dental-issues.
I was having these complaints, so I went to my doctor. After a blood-test the result was: a big deficiency.
salmon salad