zondag 29 juli 2018

Caramel oat slice.

Today I have a recipe for one of my favourite sweet slices.
I learned to make this caramel based slice whilst living in New Zealand, where it is very well known and populair.

Making this particular recipe requires some patience, but it is well worth it!

The slice is divided in to three layers; a biscuit layer, a layer of sticky firm caramel and an oaty coconut crumble topping.

I would recommend to cut the slice in to small pieces due to its richness, however some would disagree and have an extra large piece!
Caramel oat slice.

zondag 22 juli 2018

Artichoke dip.

Today, on this very hot summer day, a recipe for artichoke dip.

When it is hot outside, I always enjoy summer food. A pasta salad, barbecue or a platter with snack for diner, this dip is perfect for that!
But this dip is also very nice to serve with an aperitif.
Served with some crispy Italian crackers, fresh baguette or ciabatta extra tasty!

I searched for a dip that is not made of legume, like hummus, because I can not eat that for a while, due to intestinal complaints.
I remembered eating an artichoke dip at a party and I loved it straight away!
After some experimenting a a lot of tasting, I came up with this variation.

The dip is made of artichoke hearts, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, extra vierge olive oil and some lemon juice. This gives the dip a nice and savoury taste, with a hint of sour lemon.

Make sure you use a nice extra vierge olive oil, this is determining for the taste of your dip.

Artichoke dip

zondag 1 juli 2018

Breakfast hot pot.

Dear readers,

Today a recipe for a breakfast hot pot.
I used small ceramics pot, but you could also use a souffle mould.
De hot pots are cooked au-bain-marie. Make sure you have a big cooking pot with a lid, and make sure the moulds fit on the bottom of the pot.

This hot pot is perfect if you feel like having a savoury and festive breakfast.
I used a mixture of vegetables, pancetta, egg, herbs and parmesan cheese for the filling.

You can variate with the ingredients, to your own taste.

Breakfast hot pot