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Breakfast hot pot.

Dear readers,

Today a recipe for a breakfast hot pot.
I used small ceramics pot, but you could also use a souffle mould.
De hot pots are cooked au-bain-marie. Make sure you have a big cooking pot with a lid, and make sure the moulds fit on the bottom of the pot.

This hot pot is perfect if you feel like having a savoury and festive breakfast.
I used a mixture of vegetables, pancetta, egg, herbs and parmesan cheese for the filling.

You can variate with the ingredients, to your own taste.

Breakfast hot pot

This recipe makes 2 breakfast hot pots.

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes

Cooking time: 15-20 minutes


4 eggs
1/2 courgette
6 cherry tomatoes
1 hand full of parsley
1 stem of spring onion
100 grams of pancetta
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon of olive oil
black pepper

Fill the large cooking pot with water (up to 1 cm underneath the edge of your moulds) and bring to a boil.

Put the little pots in the water, while heating.

Wash the courgette and chop in fine cubes or strips. Hest the olive oil in a pan and fry the courgette until cooked. Put a side.

Bake the pancetta in a pan until crispy and chop in strips. Put a side.

Chop the parsley and spring onion finely. Cut the cherry tomatoes in quarters.

Work your hot pot in two layers, so make sure u divide the ingredients well.

Spread some courgette on the bottom of the pots, put some parsley and spring onion on top.
Spread some pancetta and the cherry tomatoes. Crack and egg on top of the first layer.
Repeat for the second layer. Careful, make sure you do not break the egg yolks.

Finish of with some Parmesan cheese and a bit of black pepper.

Cover the cooking pot with the lid and steam, au-bain-marie, for 15 minutes on a low heat.

Check the top egg after 15 minutes, the yolk is suppose to be runny.
Serve straight away, with some rustic bread, ciabatta or a wholemeal pita bread.


X Emma

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