About me.

I started writing my blog in English.
My Dutch blog is on-line for about 8 months now, but I had so many requests for English recipes, I also started writing in English.

I have always had an interest in food. In 2012 I got my degree for weight consultant for children.
After this education I felt like my own food pattern could use an update.
I have been working in an office for the past years.
I feel like my body needs more movement, but I also feel that I have to change some things in my food pattern.

For now I plan on a weekly update of my blog. But first I have to translate all the recipes I have already made in Dutch.
My interest in food, healthy recipes and a healthy body is growing more and more.
I use this blog to share my recipes, information I find and some fun articles or internet links.

I try to avoid processed food. This I do because of all the sugar the manufacturers add to the products. Sugar is something I can add to recipes, but at least then you know what you eat.
I also avoid processed food because of the e-numbers. I do not understand how some product can have over 14 e-numbers added. I know that not all of the e-numbers are chemical.
I also eat as many organic as I can. I get this organic foodbox weekly, I love that!

Sometimes I feel like we are going back to where it all begun, food wise. Freshly cooked, non processed, without e-numbers and organic.

I think it is sad to see food is being processed so much, there is almost nothing left of the basic product. There are almost no processed products tot find without sugar, salt and e-numbers.
The health market is smart and they play a new card: the 'sugarfree', 'e-numberfree' and 'less fat' card.
The words I do not like in the foodworld right now are: fast preparation, easy and long preservable.
It depends on how you read it though, because fast preparation and easy can still be possible with fresh ingredients!

You only have one body and I think you have to take care of it. I also love good and tasty food, so I am trying to find a balance between healthy and enjoying a lovely meal.
I do not diet, I do not like tasteless 'healthy'meals and I do not believe in crash diets. After a while you will have to stop with the diet, because it is not healthy for you. ther might be a chance you will gain all the weight back, once you have stopped the diet.
I like to eat varied. Not to much of anything and it keeps your food pattern interesting and surprising.
Try to change your food every day, do not eat the same food every single day. I eat a different breakfast every day, otherwise I find my start of the day so boring!

You will see a lot of baking recipes with sugar, butter, etc. But I made up my own rule: If you are going to eat something sweet like cookies, cake or tart, bake it yourself and share with the people you love. This is so much more satisfying.

I hope to inspire and motivate you, to cook fresh and tasty food.
Also when you arrive home from a long day of work.
To cook fresh meals, full of flavour and nutrition, you do not have to stand in the kitchen for ages. There are so many ways to cook fast and healthy!
Cooking can be really relaxing after a stressed day at work. I love coming home and focus on a home cooked meal, sit down to enjoy and feel good about yourself.

I would love to invite you to start eating, start eating with Emma!

X Emma

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